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New Yamaha Jupiter Z Injection

Written By Arif Poetra Yunar on 28 Juli 2012 | 12.14

Getting wiped out the national motorcycle market did not deter PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) to present new variants of duck-tech injection, the Z1 Jupiter. Not only equipped with an injection engine, the motor will be introduced tomorrow Tuesday, July 9th, 2012 at Sentul circuit, West Java, it also has a new look more attractive.

Jupiter Z1 applying injection system, but allegedly quite different from YMJET-FI available at J and Soul Mio GT. Jupiter Z1 engine still uses forged pistons (forged pistons), cylinder head but not her Diasil (Silicon Aluminum Die).

Besides the engine Motor matic injeksi irit harga murah, changes also occur in the front body and the leg shield (side wings) are slightly more similar to Jupiter MX. Design of the turn signal is also made more streamlined, and then given a touch panel speedometer a new aura to make it look sporty.

ZI Jupiter comes with sporty striping and possess five colors, namely black, blue, red, green and white. Regarding the price, Z1 Jupiter is predicted to experience a slight increase from the previous model, which is diharga Rp14 million. Possible ranges in price from Rp 15 million Jupiter Z1.

At present, Jupiter Z contributes the second largest in terms of sales in duck Yamaha class. During April 2012 then, the motor is often used for this race as much as 12 969 units sold.

Yamaha Jupiter first appeared in 2000, by relying on the 110 cc engine. Three years later, Yamaha conduct refresher design and adding the code "Z" in the name. Subsequently in 2009, Jupiter was born a third generation Z with a new concept that carries a 115 cc engine.

Implementation or migration to injection technology has become a necessity of any motorcycle manufacturer Indonesia. Therefore, Indonesia will adopt the euro 3 emissions by 2014.

New face design is more energetic by maintaining the headlamps such as 'Eagle Eye'. Part of the front cover and a little experience changes similar to Jupiter MX, as well as the leg shield (side wings). Do not forget the turn signal design looks more sleek and narrow. Panel speedometer conversion making it more sporty experience.

And what about the poop that some people considered too long? At first glance it is still the same but there may be a revision of the long distance the wheel axis. On the rim sweetened with list.

Yamaha Jupiter applying Z1 injection system, but speculation is growing, somewhat different from that pinned YMJET-FI on the GT and Mio Soul J. Jupiter Z1 engine still uses forged pistons (forged pistons) but the cylinder head is not air-Diasil (Silicon Aluminum Die). Hali was taken with the intent to maintain the throne of Jupiter Z as a racing legend backbone of national and ASEAN level. Thus the action of 'mengoprek' kitchen runway can be made up Motor matic injeksi irit harga murah. About the price we wait for tomorrow's presence. Information will be priced at Rp.15jutaan.
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